Two people rescued from stranded boat on Praia Grande de Ferragudo

This morning, February 9th

Two people were rescued from a stranded pleasure boat in Praia Grande, in Ferragudo, in the Arade river estuary, in the early hours of this Friday, February 9th. 

According to the National Maritime Authority, the alert was received at 00:25, through the owner of the recreational vessel, reporting that two people were in difficulties due to the weather conditions experienced during the work to remove the stranded vessel. 

Upon arrival at the scene, the lifeguard crew discovered that two people were on board and rescued them to the beach at Praia Grande.

«The victims were physically well, without needing medical assistance», the note reads. 

The owner was notified to resume work on removing the vessel, as soon as safety conditions were met.

The local command of the Maritime Police of Portimão took care of the incident.