Bishop of Algarve calls for conversion in his Lenten message

Regarding the Lenten renunciation, this year it is intended for the Cachopo Parish Center

Photo: Samuel Mendonça | Sunday sheet

The Bishop of the Algarve calls for conversion in his Lenten message, asking Christians in the Algarve to follow a path that leads them to a “sincere openness to the newness of the Spirit”.

Under the motto proposed by S. Marcos – “convert yourselves and believe in the Gospel” –, D. Manuel Neto Quintas says that only through this opening can there be a real “pastoral and missionary conversion”, “translated into new forms of ecclesiastical organization with the co-responsible involvement of all the baptized, clergy, consecrated and lay people».

The prelate even emphasizes that «converting, synodically, is equivalent to listening to others, welcoming what is different and being part of participatory ecclesiastical bodies of discernment and decision-making».

When addressing the issue of pastoral conversion, D. Manuel Neto Quintas refers to the restructuring that is underway in the diocese, in order to achieve an “organization of parish pastoral care in a missionary key” and also speaks of holding a second session related to the implementation of the measures proposed at the synod and which will involve the involvement of parish communities and diocesan collegial bodies.

In addition to this theme, the Bishop of Algarve highlights the ongoing journey towards the Holy Year of 2025, a Year of Prayer promoted by Pope Francis.

Throughout this time, it is requested that all Dioceses promote and intensify moments of individual and community prayer and D. Manuel Quintas considers that «Lent constitutes an opportune time for this response», urging «parish communities, as well as communities religious, to accept this request, together with the insistent request to invoke the gift of peace, for all humanity, particularly for countries involved in devastating wars».

In this sense, he highlights the reflection proposal of the Diocesan Secretariat of Catechesis for the preparation of Easter, «inspired by the message of Pope Francis: through the desert, God guides us to freedom».

D. Manuel Neto Quintas also leaves an invitation to parish communities, to go beyond «the scope of catechists and those being catechized, extending themselves to those who welcome them and take it upon themselves», to live this proposal.

Regarding the Lenten renunciation, this year it is intended for the «Centro Paroquial de Cachopo, already undergoing expansion work, which has long been needed, going from thirty to fifty-five beds».

«We want to continue Rádio Renascença's commendable and timely Christmas campaign, aimed at supporting the mobilization of new rooms, budgeted at 66 thousand euros, an amount that still requires our generosity to be achieved», he concludes.