Algarve farmers can now apply for support for underground collections

Notice is open until the end of the month

The application period for investments in underground water collection on agricultural farms in the Algarve is open until the 29th of February.

This notice, opened within the scope of PDR2020, is part of the “Small Investments in Agricultural Explorations” operation and is specifically intended for “investments in groundwater abstraction and associated equipment in the Algarve region”, according to the Agriculture and Fisheries of the Algarve CCDR Regional Coordination and Development Commission.

«This support, with European funds and a total budget allocation of two million Euros, is made available by the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan (PEPAC) for Portugal in the period 2023-2027 and is intended to mitigate the effects of the drought, through the support for specific investments in groundwater collection (boreholes), associated pumping system and photovoltaic panels on agricultural farms located in the Sotavento Algarve area», according to CCDR Algarve.

The same entity emphasizes that «this was one of the proposals concerted efforts between the deconcentrated agriculture and fisheries services and the region's associative sector and agricultural confederations, producer organizations and irrigation associations, presented to the sectoral ministries responsible for the matter, bearing in mind the urgency of adopting measures to support investment in new sources of water availability for agriculture, in the context of the situation of hydrological drought contingency”.