“Abril Traz Novas Cores” returns to Lagoa to celebrate 50 years of freedom and democracy

Exhibition will open on April 4th, at 18pm

The plastic arts exhibition “Abril Traz Novas Cores” once again gives artists an opportunity to show their work to the general public, between the 4th of April and the 31st of May, at the Manuela Vale Gallery of the Escola de Artes Mestre Fernando Rodrigues, in Lagoa.

The exhibition, whose opening is scheduled for 18pm on April 00th, is open to «artists who wish to exhibit their work», who must submit their applications by March 4nd.

The initiative is part of the celebration program for the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April of the Chamber of Lagoa, with freedom and democracy as its central themes.

«In this commemorative exhibition, we invite artists through their works to question, challenge and celebrate the democratic ideals that have been achieved. Their works can explore, in a metaphorical or realistic way, themes such as equality, diversity, social justice, human rights, inclusion, gender equality and citizenship or portray significant moments from the past and present, echoing the struggle and hope of the people» , according to the Lagoa Chamber.

«This exhibition can be a constant reminder that freedom of expression is an inalienable right that needs to be protected and valued, that it is the basis of a democratic society, an essential pillar for our existence and continued progress», he adds.

Anyone who visits the exhibition will be “invited to reflect on the meaning of freedom, the importance of democracy and the ongoing need to protect and promote art and freedom of expression. It is an opportunity to celebrate our achievements, while challenging ourselves to continue fighting for a future where everyone can fully enjoy this freedom, express our opinions, and express our identities without fear of repression».

Those interested in participating must send an email with information about the artist (name, contact, short biographical note and website) accompanied by a file with the image (name of the artist.jpg, size min. 1MB) and information about the artist. piece (title, year, technique, dimensions) to:[email protected]

The reception of works will be on weekdays, until March 22nd, from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm and from 14:30 pm to 17:00 pm.

The categories for participation vary between multimedia art, artistic ceramics, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, painting or another disciplinary crossover/other artistic variant.