Portimão will have a Sea Museum

There are already two possible locations for the new museum structure

Santa Catarina Fortress – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The creation of a Sea Museum, in Portimão, is the «big bet for the near future», in the area of ​​heritage in this municipality. The announcement was made by Isilda Gomes, president of the Porto City Council, in her city day speech.

To what Sul Informação found out, the new structure will be dependent on the Portimão Museum, of which it will be a nucleus. And there are already two possible locations for its installation.

«The Portimão Museum is already a national and international reference, but it is not enough», highlighted the mayor. «We want a new space dedicated to the sea and to all those who made it their life, took their livelihood from it and, thanks to it, built this city in which we live», she added.

«It is essential not to let our journey as a community be forgotten, because, if it is important to know where we want to go, it is essential to know where we came from», said the mayor of Portimão, in her speech.

In statements to the Sul Informação, Isilda Gomes confirmed that, «at the moment, we have two location options, which we are studying».

Although the mayor did not want to reveal where these possible locations are, our newspaper knows that one of them is the Fortaleza de Santa Catarina, in Praia da Rocha, which has been closed and deteriorating in recent years.

As for the planned investment, “there is still no cost estimate, because it depends on the location chosen. One location implies a larger investment, another a smaller investment. But we don't know if the latter will be enough or not, so we are working on it», concluded the mayor of Portimão.


Current state of the Santa Catarina Fortress, in Praia da Rocha – Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação


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