Marcelo says that “this is the time” to reach “a regime understanding” about the media

Algarvio João Porfírio received the Gazeta Photography Prize

Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação

The President of the Republic considered this Friday, January 5th, that "this is the time" to "reach a regime understanding" regarding the media, at a time when the Congress of Journalists will take place, arguing that "it is fundamental look while there is still time».

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was speaking at the ceremony of the 38th edition of the Gazeta Awards, which took place in the Paços do Concelho, in Lisbon, in an event in which the situation faced by journalists from Global Media Group (GMG) was present in the speeches of awarded.

«This is the time», at a time when the Congress of Journalists is taking place, «to reach regime understandings on this matter», stated the head of state.

This is because «the diagnoses are repeated, the situation gets worse, gets worse, then it is strictly irrecoverable», he continued.

«I am realistic and realism dictates that no longer be delayed, that no solution be found in the 42nd or 44th» Gazeta Prize, «which may already be too late», in which «I don't know how many remained in between journalists, I don't know how many families of journalists, I don't know how many news organizations, I don't know how many forms of scrutiny are essential for democracy", reinforced Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

He pointed out that the previous Congress of Journalists “was the first alarm signal” and that in this 5th Congress, which takes place between the 18th and 21st of January, “this is not bad, it is very bad”.

And “it is a risk for democracy just as it is a risk not to understand that a young democratic system can quickly resemble aged systems”, he added.

For Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, it is necessary to find transversal formulas to make “what is fundamental to democracy” viable.

«It is essential to look while there is still time and next year we will find ourselves without these layoffs, without these non-payments of salaries, without this uncertainty in which no one is responsible, not the owner, not the manager, not the financier, not the No one with administrative responsibilities died single because of their fault", highlighted Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

«In many cases, all that remains is to say [that] the journalists are responsible. So they wanted to be journalists and chose the wrong door,” he concluded.

Lusa journalist Pedro Caldeira Rodrigues and Visão Miguel Carvalho won the Gazeta da Imprensa award ‘ex aequo’, with the set of reports “Chove em Kiev” and the report “O arm armada do Chega”, respectively.

The Gazeta Merit award was awarded to Ana Sousa Dias. Amélia Moura Ramos was awarded with Gazeta de Televisão, Gazeta de Rádio was awarded to Paula Borges, for 'In the art of resisting – Somos Moçambique' and the Gazeta de Multimédia prize was awarded to Inês Rocha, author of “I wanted to know if GDPR works

The Gazeta de Fotografia went to João Porfírio from Algarve and the Gazeta Revelação award went to Daniel Dias.

Finally, the Gazeta de Imprensa Regional, assigned by the management of the Clube de Jornalistas (CJ), went to Mensageiro de Bragança, a regionalist diocesan weekly founded on January 1, 1940.