Aljezur Firefighters Infants and Cadets School celebrates 7th anniversary

Celebrations took place this Saturday, January 20th

The School of Infants and Cadets of the Volunteer Firefighters of Aljezur celebrated this Saturday, January 20th, its 7th anniversary.

The ceremony began at Largo 1o de Maio, next to the Main Church, where a joint graduation took place between the Infante and Cadet Schools of Aljezur, Lagos and Portimão, followed by a parade to the Quartel Major Cunha in Aljezur.

After the parade, there was a Solemn Session chaired by the vice-president of the Chamber of Aljezur Fátima Neto, which was attended by the sub-regional commander of ANEPC Richard Marques, commander Mário Costa representing the League of Portuguese Firefighters, the commander of the Fire Department Volunteers from Aljezur António Santos and the president of the board of directors Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Aljezur Eng. Ivo Amendoeira.

During the ceremony, the former were distinguished. members of the Aljezur Fire Brigade Infants and Cadets School, people, individuals and companies that have supported the school and its activities.



The Infantry, Cadet and Trainee badges were also handed out to the new members of the School.

The ceremony was attended by members of the Aljezur Fire Department, family and friends from the Escola de Infantes e Cadetes, and the general public.

The Aljezur School of Infantes de Cadetes aims to “train future firefighters”, with 15 young people trained since its foundation. According to the association, later this year there will be around six more interns ready to begin their recruitment process for the Fire Department.

The association also emphasizes that, in addition to training firefighters, it aims to “train attentive, prepared and informed, conscious, supportive, altruistic, self-willed and humanistic citizens”.