Stories and illustrations by Pedro Seromenho presented to the children of Castro Marim

Pedro Seromenho was born in Zimbabwe, lives in Braga and has a degree in Economics

Pedro Seromenho was the protagonist this Thursday, January 18th, of two story time sessions for children, in Castro Marim and Altura. 

The initiative took place as part of an artistic residency and an exhibition that transforms salt into art.

First cycle students had the opportunity to listen to the author's stories, namely from his books entitled “Nobody”, “My Father's Ties” or “Why Don't Animals Drive?”.

The two sessions took place during the morning at the Altura School Center and the Castro Marim Municipal Library, which also included a moment of live illustration by the artist for 65 3rd and 4th year students.

The “Pôr-do-Sal” exhibition will begin its tour in the town of Castro Marim on January 26th, with the opening scheduled for 17pm, at Casa do Sal.

The exhibition includes ten drawings of traditional professions and also a 12-meter artistic installation.

The opening of the exhibition will be the culmination of many hours of work, with the illustrator, writer and creator finishing the work live and in full view of everyone present, who will be able to observe the technique of this ephemeral art up close.

The salt used in this exhibition was removed from the Castro Marim salt flats in September last year, the process of which can be viewed through a video on time lapse.

Pedro Seromenho was born in Zimbabwe, lives in Braga and has a degree in Economics. In 2006 he made his debut in children's literature, having already published 18 books and is currently considered a great storyteller.