City of Lagos celebrates 451 years with music, conference and tributes

From today until the 31st

Lagos celebrates today, January 27th, the 451st anniversary of its elevation to city status, a status given to it by King D. Sebastião in 1573, and will mark this anniversary with the promotion of «initiatives that aim to publicize the past, value the historical remains, memory and local identity", from today until the 31st.

The program to commemorate the city's 451st anniversary also aims to “recognize the talent and work of those who currently contribute to affirming this identity”.

This Saturday, the program was launched with a guided tour of Rua Infante de Sagres and its surroundings, «discovering the city's memories», according to the Chamber of Lagos.

Today, the 27th, at 15pm, the conference “Health in Portugal in the Time of D. Sebastião” will take place in the Paços do Concelho auditorium, given by Maria de Fátima Reis, «researcher who has dedicated her work to the history of healthcare , charity and health, among other topics».

Still this Saturday, but starting at 21:30 pm, the Lagos Cultural Center presents the show “Maria Anadon with the Algarve Jazz Orchestra”, with musical direction by Ferdinand Von Seebach. The same cultural facility features an exhibition of old photographs “A Walk to the Countryside”, «a selection of images from rural everyday life in Lagos and some notes from neighboring municipalities».

Tomorrow, Sunday, at 15pm, Artur de Jesus and Filipa Baptista, will present their book “Discover Lagos! History and curiosities about its locations”, at the Leitura da Luz Center.

The festivities program ends on Wednesday, the 31st, with the Sports Gala, «a moment of consecration for local sports agents», taking place at the Municipal Pavilion which will be led by Cândido Costa, former footballer and television personality.