“The French Film of the Month” cycle returns to the Portimão Museum

Initiative continues until September

The Portimão Museum is once again promoting the “French Film of the Month” initiative, which returns to the city on the 25th of January and runs until September, always at 21pm, with free entry. 

This program brings together seven films that, according to the municipality, «construct a good sampling of contemporary French cinema, by suggesting a stimulating idea of ​​perspective for a generation of filmmakers»

“The French Film of the Month”, in the auditorium of the Portimão Museum, aims to “provide the public with a wide range of emotions and themes for reflection, through comedies, dramas, novels and documentaries”.

Promoted jointly between the Alliance Française do Algarve, the Institut Français and the Group of Friends of the Portimão Museum (GAMP), in addition to promoting the great cinematic successes in Molière's language to the Algarve public, the cycle also aims to attract the many French people who live in the region or spend holidays in the Algarve.

The first film is the comedy “Pétaouchnok”, directed by Edouard Deluc in 2022 and will be shown on January 25th, starting at 21pm, in the auditorium of the Portimão Museum.

Lasting an hour and a half, the film talks about two friends who live in the Pyrenees and who have the idea of ​​the century to get out of their precariousness: starting a fantastic ride in the middle of the mountain, aimed at tourists with a lack of nature, silence and adventure.



All films are shown on the last Thursday of the month and in the original French version, with Portuguese subtitles, on the following dates: January 25th – “Pétaouchnok”, by Edouard Deluc; February 29th – “Eugénie Grandet” by Marc Dugain; March 28th – “Au nom de la terre”, by Edouard Bergeon; April 18 – “Les goûts et les couleurs”, by Michel Leclerc; May 29th – “La Fracture”, by Catherine Corsini; June 27th – “À l’appordage”, by Guillaume Brac; and September 26th – “La page blanche” - by Murielle Magellan.

Alliance Française do Algarve, whose headquarters are located in Faro, is a non-profit association with the aim of promoting the French language and culture, with part of its activities teaching French and Portuguese to Francophones, as well as carrying out French exams and translations, among other actions.

In March 2018, the entity decided to extend its presence to the western Algarve and established a partnership protocol with GAMP, aiming to strengthen friendly and cultural ties with the local associative fabric, thanks to which the cycle “The French Film of the Month” began to take place in Portimão, also covering, from this year onwards, the cities of Loulé and Faro.