Social Security closed 97 homes by the end of November, 24 elderly people were in danger

People were removed and sent to other responses

The Social Security Institute (ISS) has already closed 97 nursing homes this year, 24 of which urgently because there was imminent danger for users, with people being removed and referred to other responses.

According to data sent to the Lusa agency, until November 30th the ISS carried out 537 inspections of nursing homes, having closed 97. Of these, 93 were residential structures that were not licensed, and there were 24 cases in which the homes had to be closed urgently.

The ISS explains that urgent closures occur “when there is an imminent danger to users”, and in these cases “them are immediately removed and forwarded to other responses found by the families or suggested by Social Security”.

«Solutions for users are always found on a case-by-case basis, between family members and Social Security, which supports and informs them of alternative solutions, with the family making the final decision», explains the ISS.

When the closure is not urgent, the closure of the home must be carried out by the owner, within 30 days after notification by Social Security.

«After this period, the lack of compliance is reported to the Public Prosecutor's Office, and those responsible may incur a crime of disobedience», adds the ISS.

The Social Security Institute also states that in 2022, 674 inspection actions were carried out, which resulted in the closure of 117 nursing homes, all unlicensed, and that in 21 of the situations urgent closure was justified.

It further explains that «the main reasons for closure are related to the lack of an operating license or provisional operating authorization, inadequacy of facilities in relation to legally defined parameters, poor accessibility that puts the mobility conditions of the elderly at risk».