Loulé takes «another step» in the process of building the new GNR district command

Project will cost 16 million euros

The preliminary program that will allow the realization of the project for the construction, in Loulé, of the future facilities of the GNR Territorial Command of the district of Faro, was unanimously approved at the Loulé Chamber Meeting yesterday, December 11th.

This is, according to Loulé City Council, «another step towards the construction of the new building, which will have an estimated cost of around 16 million euros».

The Chamber of Loulé, the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Administration and the National Republican Guard have a collaboration protocol, what is it renewed on November 15, 2022, which foresees the installation, in the city of Loulé, of the GNR Territorial Command of Faro, on land provided by the municipality.

«The current facilities of the Territorial Command of the Republican National Guard in the Algarve are in poor conditions of use, creating functional and operational difficulties for the activity and performance of this security force. It was therefore decided by the Ministry of Internal Administration to promote the construction of an infrastructure adapted to the operational and functional needs of GNR personnel», stated the Loulé Chamber.

The future Territorial Command will operate in the “Citadel of Security and Civil Protection of Loulé”, next to the A22 junction, where the Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command, the Municipal Fire Department, the Heliport and, soon, the services of the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM) and the Urgent Patients Guidance Center (CODU).