Infralobo participates in the 5th National Urban Cleaning Meeting

Portuguese municipalities will debate urban challenges, such as tourist pressure, the organization of large events, vandalism or lack of civility

Carlos Manso, president of the Board of Directors of Infralobo – Vale do Lobo infrastructure company, will be present at the 5th National Urban Cleaning Meeting (ENLU), which will take place from the 12th to the 14th of December, at the Autódromo do Estoril.

Carlos Manso will talk about tourist pressure, major events and multiculturalism: new realities for municipalities and what changes in Urban Cleaning.

This edition of the Meeting will launch the challenge to move from intention to commitment, demonstrating intelligent, creative and innovative solutions for lasting and not just temporary changes.

With the motto “Urban Cleaning at the Service of People and Territories”, several national and international experts will be in Cascais to analyze and debate trends and good practices in the sector, but also to examine the themes that mark the program for the edition of this ENLU year: “The state of the art in the urban cleaning sector in Portugal and the world”; “More vibrant territories: Urban Cleaning as part of the solution”; “Smart Urban Cleaning with a Neutral Impact on the Climate”; “A future-proof service and innovation trends”; “Bottom-up Urban Cleaning: made for and by people”; “Towards Zero Waste”; “Who is part of Urban Cleaning: from the CEO to the corner worker”.

To inspire the audience, the program features names such as Iuliia Markhel, from Let's Do It Ukraine, a non-governmental organization dedicated to mobilizing volunteers for cleaning actions that, even in times of war, continues to campaign, or Sascha Haselmayer, a “serial social entrepreneur” and author of the book The Slow Lane: Why Quick Fixes Fail and How to Achieve Real Change, which proposes a change of pace and planning process so that innovations in urban management and solving city problems have a lasting effect.

“In an attractive and vibrant city, Urban Cleaning tends to be an invisible service, but, for this to happen, it is necessary to recognize the importance of this activity and who takes part in it. In this edition of ENLU, we want to challenge people to do just that, inviting them to look at their territories from the perspective of urban cleaning and inspiring them to be part of a commitment that belongs to everyone”, says Luís Almeida Capão, president of Management of the Urban Cleaning Association – Partnership for Smarter and Sustainable Cities (ALU), which promotes the Meeting.

Over these three days, which will be a meeting and networking point for the various urban cleaning agents, it will also delve into the following topics: experiences with decarbonization and smart solutions, or even the use of blockchain, drones or artificial intelligence as innovative solutions for cleaning cities.

During the 5th ENLU, the winners of the first edition of the Cidade+ Awards will also be announced, a recognition that will distinguish the best national projects in the areas of urban cleaning, ranging from the most innovative technologies to the most complete human resources policies, implemented between 2021 and September 2023.

This event will also have an exhibition aspect, through the Urban Cleaning Expo & Showroom, where companies in the sector will showcase their most innovative products and services.

“In all ALU initiatives, there is a spirit of friendship and healthy competition that makes this community a success. ENLU, which is the only national event dedicated to the sector, is no exception: we are going to the 5th edition of this meeting with the certainty of having, once again, an exhibition full of innovative products and services and of having the conference full of talent. We expect a full house in Cascais for the biggest edition of ENLU ever”, anticipates Luís Almeida Capão.