Last concert of the Álvaro de Campos Festival is with Luis Conceição, Isobel Reis and Jan Pipal

Concert is scheduled for 21pm this Wednesday

Pianist and composer Luís Conceição and soprano Isobel Reis, accompanied by Jan Pipal's violin, will give this Wednesday, November 29th, the last concert of the Festa dos Anos de Álvaro de Campos. 

The event will take place at Clube de Tavira, at 21pm, and will present some new compositions for the set of poems in English by Fernando Pessoa entitled “The Mad Fiddler”.

The first poem that Luis set to music in this series was the one that gave the group its name, and his music and poem were performed in this short film by Belarmino Pereira.

In a note, Partilha Alternativa, responsible for organizing the Birthday Party of Álvaro de Campos, recalls that «among the hundreds of English poems written by Fernando Pessoa during his life, the collection entitled The Mad Fiddler plays a crucial role».

«The Mad Fiddler sheds light on its own importance, while at the same time refracting light on various aspects of Pessoa's writing in the preliminary stages of an emerging modernism», he continues.

The Álvaro de Campos Birthday Party began on October 15th and ends on November 30th.