DeVIR project in Horta da Areia comes to an end with colloquium and theater

This project lasted three years

A colloquium, on the 6th of December, and a theater show, on the 9th, will mark the end of the “DeVIR” project in Horta da Areia, in Faro. 

This project, which lasted three years, served to bring together women from the gypsy community in the Horta da Areia neighborhood, in Faro, with women from this city who attend CAPa – Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve.

The initiative involved 24 women, 12 from the gypsy community and 12 from the female community, which is CAPa's regular audience.

The colloquium will take place on December 6th, in Auditorium 1.5 of the Penha Campus of the University of Algarve, between 10am and 00pm, with free entry.

This meeting aims to think about the potential civic role of art and participatory culture, as drivers of change and social transformation, taking the DeVIR project in Horta da Areia as an example.

The play “Travessia” is scheduled to be shown on December 9th, at CAPa – Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve, at 16:30 pm, with reservations on numbers 289 828 784 and 96 847 82 17.

Instead, this piece is the result of a participatory creation originating from artistic practices for social inclusion, developed by 24 women.

“Travessia” is a multimedia show directed by Pedro Alves, in which theater and dance, cinema and music, literature and visual arts intersect.

The DeVIR project, in Horta da Areia, was developed within the scope of the PARTIS Art for Change program promoted by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the la Caixa Foundation. It was led by DeVIR/CAPa and involved the Horta da Areia Community Center, as a social partner, through David Fernandes, who has worked with this community for years.