Lagoa Christmas Square will have an ice rink, carousels, magic and concerts

In total, there will also be more than 25 shows for all ages

An ice rink, two carousels, magic, circus arts and concerts. Lagoa's Christmas Square will open this Thursday, November 30th, at 14pm, next to the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium.

The program was designed for all ages.

Therefore, in addition to shows for pre-school and 1st cycle classes and children's entertainment, there will be entertainment, music and magic for seniors, every Friday, at 15pm.

Saturdays will be dedicated to music, with concerts for the general population, scheduled for 17pm. Every Sunday there will be a children's entertainment show, scheduled for 00:15 pm.

Entry is free and use of the natural ice rink and carousels is free.

Praça Natal will be open on weekdays between 14pm and 00pm, on Sundays and holidays between 19am and 00pm and between 10pm and 00pm. On Saturdays it will be open between 13am and 00pm and between 14pm and 00pm.

On December 24th it will close at 17pm. On the 00th it will be closed.

In total, there will also be more than 25 shows for all ages.



Day 2 – 17pm – Leandro Pianoman (Musical Show)

Day 3 – 15:30 pm – “A Fabrica” (Children’s Entertainment – ​​Circus Arts)

Day 7 – 15pm – Paulo Cabrita (Magic Show)

Day 9 – 17pm – Michael Bublé – Christmas Songs by Tiago Clemente

Day 10 – 15:30 pm – “A Christmas Dream” (Children’s Animation Show)

Day 15 – 15pm – Grupo Cantares Fonte Nova (Musical Show)

Day 16 – 17pm – Filipa Sousa (Musical Show)

Day 17 – 15:30 pm – Quideia Show Trio Circus (Children’s Animation Show)

Day 22 – 15:00 pm – Ricardo Sousa (Musical Show)

Day 23 – 17:00 pm – Ensemble São Bernardo (Musical Show – Gospel Songs)

Day 29 – 15:00 pm – Fernando Correia Marques (Musical Show)

Day 30 – 17pm – Sneaky Mouse Band (Musical Show)