There’s no shortage of “simmered” corn and sweet porridge at “Lunch and dinner with us” in Paderne

Anyone who wants to participate must register by today.

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

Paderne hosts “Almece e Dante connoscos” this Sunday, November 26th, where there will be no shortage of “simmered” corn and sweet porridge. 

The standout dish is “milhos aferventados”, a very old recipe typical of the mountains and which is still celebrated today in many places in the Algarve region.

«You have to cook the good corn (the 'kids' are for animals) in water with ash, then fill a construction basket with the cooked corn and immerse it successively in the spring water to wash it. The corn is placed in a cloth or mesh bag and rubbed in a washbasin as you would wash clothes in a stone tank. They are then cooked again and later mixed with the meat, which is still smoking and will be the king dish on the Christmas table», explains the Albufeira municipality in notes.

The program starts at 10 am, with the reception of participants at the Padernense Clube headquarters. After the reception, there is a short drive to Moinho do Leitão, so that participants can see the mill in full operation, with the candles in the wind and the grain being ground between the millstones.

Participants also have the opportunity to learn how to make “fermented” corn, followed by a walk down a rural path to the starting point.

The next stage will be the Cooperativa Agrícola de Albufeira, where, at 13 pm, the tables will offer “simmered” corn and sweet porridge, in a lunch that the organization says will be “well washed down” with the wines of

Sweet porridge will be a traditional dessert, made from fine flour, cooked in water with sugar and then covered in mountain honey.

Anyone who wants to participate in this activity must register by today, the 23rd, by contacting the Parish Council of Paderne or the Municipality of Albufeira, via email [email protected] or [email protected] or by phone 961 624 529 or 289 570 791.

Participation costs 17,50 euros, with participants paying 50% of the amount at the time of registration, via bank transfer via IBAN: PT50 0045 7010 4000 0309 2586 0.

“Almoce e Dante Connosco” was born in 2013, at “Ha Festa na Aldeia”, a rural development action promoted by ADRITEM – Regional Development Association. Given its economic and cultural potential, it was replicated by the “Aldeias de Portugal” program.

The initiative is from the Municipality of Albufeira, the Parish Council of Paderne and the In Loco Desenvolvimento e Cidadania Association, together with the support of other associations, including Aldeias de Portugal and the “Rural Development Program 2014-2020”.