Faro there will be one new school and three upgraded ones by 2026 

Two of the requalifications will be financed by the Government, the remaining works will be paid in full by the City Council. Faro

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

the council of Faro will have, by 2026, three requalified schools – EB 2,3 Afonso III, Neves Júnior and the school and nursery building that make up EB1 in Estoi – and a new school, EB1/Jardim de Infância, which will be built in Afonso III enclosure, in the city itself.

This is a total investment of more than 17 million euros, with the construction of EB1 and Afonso III Kindergarten and the requalification of the school building and nursery at EB1 in Estoi fully financed by the Municipality of Faro.

The requalifications of the EB 2,3 Neves Júnior and Afonso III Schools will be included in the PRR and financed by the Government.

«We have already applied and are waiting for them to sign the contract with us. We are waiting for financing and, when we have it, we will need three years: one year for the competition, to launch the contract and the Court of Auditors visa, and then around two years for the requalification work», explained Rogério Bacalhau, during the visit to school facilities, which took place within the scope of the “Faro Positive”, on October 31st.

Therefore, at the moment, the most advanced requalification is that of the Estoi school.

«We will sign the contract within 15 days and our perspective is that, by January, the work can begin. We still have to set up a system to transfer those students to EB 2,3 and we are taking care of that and holding competitions for the acquisition and rental of containers to put in that school», revealed the mayor from Faro.

«Of all these works, the one that can go further will finish in 2026», he continued.

EB 1/Jardim de Infância Afonso III will be built on the premises of EB 2,3, next to Estrada da Senhora da Saúde, with which direct access will be established, with a regular polygon measuring 4180 square meters being defined for this purpose.

The contract for this work has already been signed, on Municipality Day, September 7th, and is now awaiting approval from the Court of Auditors.

The equipment will operate autonomously, with educational activities for an age group between 3 and 10 years old, with eight activity rooms being created for basic education (from 6 to 10 years old) and three rooms for Pre-School Education. In these facilities, there will also be a library and a multipurpose room.


EB 2,3 Neves Júnior School – Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

«We have not yet broken the first cycle, but it is expected that, next year, we will need to create more rooms and it is likely that in two or three years it would even be necessary to create this school. This space is the only one available and with the size to build equipment like this, and even so, it has a lot of outdoor space», explained the mayor from Faro.

When the new school is ready, the idea is «in the first year, not to bring new students here, so that we can transfer all students from Escola do Carmo and begin requalification works at Carmo», explained Rogério Bacalhau.

The requalification of EB 2,3 Afonso III will serve to «provide the building with mobility and accessibility conditions, thermal and acoustic comfort and operational dignity», with interventions on the interior and exterior.

The requalification of EB 2,3 Neves Júnior will also take place throughout the school space, with proposed intervention on the floors, compartmentalization, elimination of architectural barriers, introduction of equipment and systems for transporting people and loads and creation of sanitary facilities for people with conditioned mobility.


EB 2,3 Neves Júnior School – Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


In addition, acoustic comfort and electrical and safety systems will be improved. In the outdoor area, there will be an improvement in the landscaping elements with the aim of providing the space with «appropriate facilities for use by different age groups of the school population». A changing room block will also be created on the football field and a new auditorium and music room.

For Rogério Bacalhau, «this set of projects to be implemented over the next few years allows for the renovation and requalification of some of the most important educational establishments in the municipality, some of which have long needed interventions, not only increasing their response capacity schools but above all ensuring a significant improvement in learning conditions and comfort for our school community».

The news was announced during this year’s “Faro Positive”, which also included a visit to the construction of the new Bridge of the Beach of Faro and Dog kennel and Guelhim industrial allotment, a plot of land located in a rural context, with an area of ​​more than 87 thousand square meters and where several businesses could soon operate.

Construction of EB 1/ Afonso III Kindergarten >> 3.119.900 euros plus VAT
Redevelopment of the EB 2,3 Afonso III School >> 5.872.190,67 euros plus VAT
Redevelopment of EB 2,3 Neves Junior School >> 6.970.000 euros plus VAT
Redevelopment of the School and Nursery Building that make up EB 1 Estoi >> 360 thousand euros plus VAT


Photos: Mariana Sedge | Sul Informação


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