Docapesca launches campaign to show that fresh Portuguese fish is “Nothing Better”

Campaign is taking place in different formats

Photos: Nuno Costa | Sul Informação

Docapesca and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food are promoting a promotional campaign to show that «Fresh Portuguese Fish: Nothing Better!”.

This communication action is being carried out in different formats, namely on television, radio, press and social networks, with the aim of «highlighting the importance of fish for the national economy, valuing the work of our fishermen, but also promoting a more diversified consumption, showcasing less common but equally tasty species, thus contributing to the sustainability of resources», according to Docapesca.

Every year, recalls the company, «more than 200 species are unloaded on our coast, which can be prepared in various ways, at any time and for all budgets».

The first phase of this campaign, which has an associated promotional video, started on the 8th of November, on generalist TV channels, on the radio, in the local press and on social networks and features the participation of well-known faces such as Fátima Lopes, Fábio Coentrão, chef António Alexandre and workers in the fishing sector such as master José Alberto Dinis, among others.

In 2024, the campaign will continue through a second phase.

«Because we understand that Portuguese fish is of high quality and we believe that it should be valued, thus contributing to increasing the profitability of fishing communities, Docapesca continues this strategy of promoting fresh national fish, which is so relevant to our fishing fleet », he concludes.