Carlos Albino presides over the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April in Loulé

Carlos Albino was directly linked to the development of the events of April 25, 1974

Journalist Carlos Albino was chosen to preside over the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April, in Loulé.

The invitation came from the presidents of the City Council and Municipal Assembly, Vítor Aleixo and Carlos Silva Gomes, respectively, and is related to the fact that Carlos Albino is a personality from Loulé with a strong connection to this important moment in Portuguese History.

Carlos Albino was directly linked to the development of the events of April 25, 1974. He was responsible for issuing the password for the start of the military operations that would overthrow the dictatorial regime, through the program “Limite”, on Rádio Renascença. Carlos Albino was responsible for the recorded reading of the first verse of the song “Grândola Vila Morena”, by José Afonso, which confirmed the coup and the advance of the armed forces.

It was also for the same reasons that, in 2013/14, during the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the 25th of April, Carlos Albino was largely responsible for and driving a series of notable initiatives that took place in Loulé, for example the presence of former Presidents of the Republic such as Ramalho Eanes or Mário Soares, or some of the soldiers who made the Revolution, including Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho or Vasco Lourenço, without forgetting an exhibition of the famous Chaimite “Bula” which was conducted by Salgueiro Maia during the military operations of April.

Along the same lines, in 2024, in the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of this anniversary, the idea is that the program includes a range of diverse activities, which combine the celebration with the pedagogical component, and which focuses above all on younger people, as they consider them to be responsible municipalities, it is important to pass on the legacy and values ​​of April to new generations.

As with the 40th anniversary celebrations, the Commission was approved, which will be composed of: the 25 de Abril Association, all directors of School Groups in the Municipality of Loulé (Ag. de Escolas Dr.ª Laura Aires – Quarteira, Ag. de Escolas Father João Coelho Cabanita, Ag. of Schools Eng. Duarte Pacheco, Ag. of Schools D. Dinis – Quarteira and Ag. of Schools of Almancil), directors of the Music Conservatory of Loulé – Francisco Rosado, Escola Secundária de Loulé, Escola Profissional de Alte, Colégio Internacional de Vilamoura, the presidents of the parish councils of the municipality, a representative of each of the parties with representation in the Municipal Assembly, representatives of the cultural associations of the municipality, representatives of the Municipality of Loulé (the municipal directors Dália Paulo and Júlio Sousa), and, as elements of civil society, Luís Guedes, João dos Santos Simões and António Clareza.

«We are certain that again in 2024 we will place Loulé as a place of freedom, democracy and humanity, with a program directed by Carlos Albino that will be guided by high quality, demand and boldness», considers mayor Vítor Aleixo.