Union accuses ARS and CHUA “of not solving nurses’ problems”

Nurses will go on strike on November 10th

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The Portuguese Nurses' Union (SEP) accused those responsible for the Regional Health Administration and the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve (CHUA) of continuing "to fail to solve nurses' problems".

The union even speaks of a “bleeding of nurses from health institutions in the region”, with “special focus on CHUA”, claiming that, “given the facts, the administrations do nothing”.

Taking this situation into account, nurses will hold a day of strike on November 10th, «which may be followed by others, if there are no responses from administrations to the problems that they can and have the autonomy to decide».

According to the SEP, the two institutions continue to “fail to fulfill commitments made in 2018” and fail to resolve “situations of unfair relative positions between nurses, which results, for example, in more experienced and more qualified nurses earning less compared to others and/ or nurses who stayed within 40 hours and who are being denied their right to progress in their careers».

«The consequence of the Performance Assessment process for many nurses led to a change in their remuneration position in January 2023. After 10 months, they still do not receive a penny», says the union.

«Both ARS Algarve and CHUA continue to have staffing of nurses below what is considered safe and, as a result, there are thousands of overtime hours that professionals are forced to work», he adds.