Mediterranean Diet Route passes through Loulé

The Mediterranean Diet Route (RDM) is an initiative within the Mediterranean Diet Safeguard Plan

The Mediterranean Diet Route (RDM) will be on the 13th, 14th and 15th of October in Loulé, at Cerca do Convento Espírito Santo, with workshops, workshops, artisan and producer shows, popular and traditional shows, gastronomic demonstrations and much more.

At the start, this Friday, at 21:30 pm, Café Calcinha hosts a storytelling and live music show for the whole family.

Saturday will be filled with many actions, ranging from the artisans and producers market at Cerca do Convento, traditional games, arts and crafts workshops, the gastronomic demonstration “De roda do tacho”, a dance circle “Let's give a pezinho” with demonstrations by the Loulé Folklore Ranch and also a “class” of traditional songs with “vozes from the land”, by the Moçoilas group.

On Sunday, the 15th, the proposal is a guided tour through the mixed dryland orchard of the Algarve barrocal, with a meeting point scheduled for 9:00 am, in front of the Church of S. Francisco. At the end of the route (medium difficulty) there will be a small studio.

Those interested in participating can register here

The Mediterranean Diet Route (RDM) is an initiative included in the Mediterranean Diet Safeguard Plan, promoted by the In loco Association and other members of the Regional Mediterranean Diet Commission.

Its objective is to qualify, organize and make available to visitors and interested parties a vast set of heritage sites and resources where the identity elements of the Mediterranean Diet are clearly evident and can be enjoyed with quality and depth.

With this initiative, the idea is that participants can enjoy excellent cuisine, meet artisanal producers who combine materials from the past with the art of the present, visit ancient heritage that reflects the deep connection between man and his territory and taste quality local products. that best represent the Mediterranean Diet, an ancient lifestyle.