Barranco do Demo walkway is ready to rejuvenate Alferce

The official inauguration took place this Saturday and was attended by the Minister of Territorial Cohesion

The president of the Alferce Parish Council with the Minister of Territorial Cohesion. Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

There are around 1000 meters of walkway, going up and down, with a 50 meter suspension bridge, where it is possible to appreciate the best that the Algarve mountains have to offer. A year and a few months after the start of works, this Saturday, October 21st, the Barranco do Demo Walkway was officially inaugurated, in the parish of Alferce, municipality of Monchique – and not even the rain stopped dozens of people from wanting to give their first steps in this infrastructure that is expected to rejuvenate Alferce. 

For Ana Abrunhosa, «this is an example of how we don't need huge resources and a lot of investment to do good in the territory».

The Minister of Territorial Cohesion was in Alferce to inaugurate this project, which was launched by the Parish Council, with the support of the Monchique Chamber, and which included investment from European Funds.

«We are talking about an investment of around 400 thousand euros, but I am sure it will bring much more to the territory: because it brings joy to those who live here, makes the territory more attractive to those who visit and, above all, adds value and protects, because a territory that is not lived in is a territory that is not protected», highlighted the minister before setting out on the road.

In the words of Ana Abrunhosa, the Barranco do Demo Passadiço is an example “of how to manage the landscape with balance and biodiversity and how we can occupy and use the territory even in risk areas”.


Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


Under the rain, the president of the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR) also highlighted the importance of this project and its added value.

«The territory needs cohesion projects and this walkway brings together cohesion, valorization of the natural heritage of the Serra de Monchique and shows what a Parish Council can do with the support of the Chamber and regional entities», said José Apolinário, reinforcing that this «it is an example of a good application of European funds».

For those who decided this Saturday, together with the minister, to “inaugurate” the walkway, the route was from the beginning of the infrastructure to the village of Alferce – a path of around 3 kilometers. But, whoever wants, can always choose to leave the village, pass through Cerro do Castelo, take the walkway and return to the village – a circular path of around six kilometers, which can then be included in various pedestrian routes, either in the Municipality or from Via Algarvia.


Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


After the walk, which took place in the rain, but with a lot of enthusiasm, Paulo Alves, president of the Chamber of Monchique, told the Sul Informação who hopes that this walkway will mean «a rejuvenation and a break in the cycle of exodus of people out of the parish and the municipality».

This construction will soon be joined by the inauguration of the Castelo do Alferce Interpretive Center, also visited this Saturday by the minister, and the motorhome area.

All of this, according to Paulo Alves, «will provide in Alferce a creation of synergies and value so that later private parties can also take advantage of this wave and start installing small businesses here and boosting the parish and the municipality».

With the hope that the rain has come to “bless this territory”, the Minister of Cohesion and the Mayor of Monchique also warned of the need to preserve this place and “enjoy it with civility”.

After the “day and party”, as José Gonçalves, president of the Alferce Parish Council and the main driver of this construction, called it, with or without rain, the Barranco do Demo Walkway is ready to be visited and enjoyed by everyone – and It has even welcomed several walkers in recent months.


Photos: Mariana Sedge | Sul Informação



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