Electrification of the Algarve Line is delayed, but will be ready «in 2024»

João Galamba explained the reasons for the delay in the work on a visit to Olhão

Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação

They started much later than expected, suffered delays and it is already known that they need additional interventions, even before they are finished. Despite this, João Galamba, Minister of Infrastructure, guarantees that the electrification works on the Algarve Line between Faro and Vila Real de Santo António (VRSA) and between Tunes and Lagos «will certainly end during the year 2024».

The member of the Government was this Monday, the 23rd, in the Algarve, on a visit that began with a train journey between Faro and Olhão, on a regional train.

This trip served to witness the interventions being carried out as part of the Algarve Line electrification project, in this case, in the section between Faro and VRSA.

«It is possible to finish this work in the first half of 2024. I don't want to commit to a specific date, but it will certainly be by the end of 2024», said João Galamba, during a session to present the progress of the project, which took place in Olhão.

The minister did not wait for the question that would be asked later, on the sidelines of the session, by the journalists present, and said immediately in his speech that he was “fully aware of the delays” that the work had already suffered.



A little later, in response to journalists, João Galamba said that "there were difficulties", particularly at the beginning, with the launch of the competitions, but not only that, taking into account that, "when you spend so long without doing something, we have to relearn how to do it».

«There were many years without carrying out railway works, lack of resources, there were problems in the logistics chains, price increases, many works at the same time, and, therefore, various difficulties that have been a characteristic not only of this work, but practically of all works railways", explained the minister.

«Having overcome past problems, we are now just focused on carrying out the work as quickly as possible. (…) What is important to note now is that they [the works] are all underway and we, at the moment, are 100% focused on completing them all as quickly as possible and, in particular, here in the Algarve, during the year 2024», he added.

And what are we talking about, exactly?


Miguel Cruz, President of IP – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


According to Miguel Cruz, the president of Infrastructures of Portugal, two projects are at stake, one of 56 kilometers (km), Sotavento – the one that started earlier and is more advanced – and another of 45 km, Barlavento, which started well later than the first, after the first public tender was left empty, due to a lack of interested companies.

In the section between Faro and VRSA, in terms of works already completed, the construction of a new road overpass on Rua 18 de Junho, in Olhão - which was one of the works that João Galamba was able to witness - and the placement of 550 streetlights stands out. catenary.

Between Lagos and Tunes, the construction of road overpasses is underway in Poço Barreto, Estômbar and Portimão, with a view to closing level crossings, and the placement of 372 catenary posts.

Miguel Cruz also promised that IP will “give priority to creating conditions for Intercidades trains to reach VRSA”.

To this end, the public company intends to launch, in parallel with the work already underway and «as soon as possible», a new contract, «to reinforce the bridges» in this section, so that they can withstand the weight of the Intercidades locomotives, which are heavier than than those of the Alfa Pendular.



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