Portimão Library has a Mouse that is a spectacle

Marionet theater company «questioning the way in which the society in which we operate relates to spaces and thinks about public services»

The “Library Mouse”, a being known for spending a good part of his days among books, gives his name to the play with which the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library will celebrate its 30th anniversary, on November 6th, at 18 pm.

Opened on November 6, 1993, the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library will mark three decades of good services provided to the community of Portimão with a theatrical event, led by Companhia Marionet.

The show is aimed at the general public and revolves around bookworms, who, according to those responsible for the company, «are now a different species, as they say they no longer care about books and gnaw from the outside in. ».

According to the synopsis, «a show about a library is a good pretext to question the way in which the society in which we operate relates to spaces and thinks about public services, in order to answer the following question: can we guarantee that today any person Do you have free access to all the books you want or need to read?».

Created in 2000, the company Marionet is based in Coimbra and has produced continuous work crossing the performing arts with science, developing original artistic creations based on scientific themes, at the same time as carrying out research in the area of ​​the performing arts-science intersection. , promotes collaborative artistic work with scientists, participates in advanced training projects in scientific research centers and is involved in participatory science projects.

In 2010, she was selected as a resident companion, for seven months, at the Center for Neuroscience and Cellular Biology at the University of Coimbra, within the scope of the Residency Network Program of the Directorate-General for the Arts (D-GA) and Agência Ciência Viva.

Two years later, the theater company founded the Documentation Center for Performing Arts and Science, a repository of plays and essays on the intersection between these two areas of knowledge.

Marionet has also established collaborations with various entities in the arts and sciences, and is currently financed by D-GA under the Sustained Support Program for professional artistic activity.