Students from Loulé had a “very special lunch” with soup as the main dish

The initiative took place within the scope of the “São Sopas Sebastião” event

500 students from the EB1 Mãe Soberana Schools and the two EB1/JI Hortas de Santo António had a “very special lunch” on Friday, October 20th, in which soup was the main dish. 

The initiative took place within the scope of the “São Sopas Sebastião” event, organized by the Parish Council of São Sebastião, on the premises next to the Convent of Santo António.

According to Loulé City Council, the «objective was to raise awareness among these children of the importance of a healthy diet and the habit of eating soup daily, a dish rich in nutrients and essential as a complement to a diet based on vegetables and a Mediterranean diet. ».

Involved in this action were also 800 students responsible for collecting soup menus from family members, preparing the recipe, ingredients used and a drawing of the respective soup.

During the “São Sopas Sebastião” event, the works were on display and students had the opportunity to visit this exhibition.

At the end of the lunch, everyone received four books alluding to the theme of combating food waste, «a commitment by the Municipality of Loulé as a complement to existing responses, through its adherence to the Zero Waste Movement with the aim of redistributing, reducing and recycling, existing food surpluses in the municipality», highlighted the councilor responsible for Education Ana Machado.