Aliança: the café that «tells a little of the history of Farenses» to everyone who visits it

Official opening took place this Wednesday, October 25th

A Café where «there were gatherings, politics, art were discussed, poetry and prose were written» and which has «a very great sentimental value» because it tells «a little of the history of the Farenses»: this is how Rogério Bacalhau describes Aliança . 

The iconic space in the Algarve capital, which opened «in soft opening» on October 11st, had its official inauguration this Thursday, October 25th, with a private party.

«In 2013, when I ran for the Chamber of Deputies for the first time, Faro, Café Aliança was the campaign theme. It had been closed for about a decade and, fortunately, has been restored. I just have to congratulate the developer who, at the time, restored this space, because it is beautiful, but, moreover, it is as it was at the original time – exceptional restoration work was carried out here. We are very pleased that it has new management, that it opens again and provides people here with Faro memories of moments spent here and to those who visit us in this wonderful space", said the president of the Chamber of Faro ao Sul Informação during the opening party.

After the first two weeks of operation, Óscar Gouveia, the current manager, gives a “very positive” assessment of the reopening.

«We were understanding whether the project was suitable for the human dimension that we had prepared and, in that sense, things are going very well. It is interesting to see the pass the word that already exists, the people who come and everyone has a story about Aliança. This is a café of stories. I've worked in many spaces, but this is, without a doubt, the one that is closest to the hearts of the people who pass through here», says the person in charge.

Aliança is open from Tuesday to Friday, from 12:00 pm to midnight, on Saturday, from 24:00 pm to midnight, and on Sunday, from 12:00 pm to 24:00 pm.


Photos: Mariana Sedge | Sul Informação



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