Aleixo changes vice president two years before elections

Executive stays the same and has the same responsibilities, but David Pimentel becomes vice-president

Ana Machado is no longer vice-president of the Loulé Chamber – and it was “neither personal nor health reasons” that led her to ask to cease these roles. On the table was also the departure of councilor Abílio Sousa, who ended up staying. All this, two years before the Local Elections. 

These changes, which were already being talked about a few days ago, were confirmed today by Vítor Aleixo, president of the Chamber of Loulé, at the Sul Informação and then in a public statement.

David Pimentel, who only joined the executive in this last term, is the new vice-president, since Ana Machado left the position of her own free will, as confirmed to our newspaper by a source linked to the councilor.

“It was not health issues or private reasons that motivated this decision,” said the same source.

Questioned by Sul Informação Regarding what reasons led to this departure, Vítor Aleixo did not want to answer.

«That's the part I'm not going to say because it's for the conversations we had», argued the mayor.

O Sul Informação You know that the departure of Abílio Sousa, councilor since 2017 and who, previously, was Aleixo's deputy when he won the Chamber, was also on the table.

Vítor Aleixo also confirmed this: «it was something considered, but he remains as a councilor», the president told our newspaper.

Asked whether these changes are already related to the preparation for the 2025 Municipal Elections, the still President of the Chamber assured that the decision “is not linked”.

«I guarantee that it is not related», replied Vítor Aleixo, who also referred to the statement already made public in which he assumes that, «in this process of reflection», there were periods of discord.

«The executive I preside over recognizes that there were difficult moments of divergence, which were fully resolved, so the work will continue under renewed conditions to continue serving our populations well until the end of this term», it reads.

But the truth is that, at a time when the 2025 Local Elections are approaching, the movement of candidates is also increasing.

Telmo Pinto, president of the Quarteira Parish Council, elected by the PS, and who also became Vítor Aleixo's deputy, is named as one of the possible competitors, but the candidacy will not go down well with all socialist groups.

Other already popular names were Hugo Nunes, former vice-president of the Chamber of Loulé, already under Vítor Aleixo... and even Ana Machado, you know what Sul Informação.

From what our newspaper also found out, there has been a climate of tension between Ana Machado and Telmo Pinto, which is not new today, but which will have intensified in the last Municipal Assembly.


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