A viewpoint will be born on the Alferce Castle hill

Intervention also includes signage

The view from the future viewpoint – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The Alferce Castle hill, from where you have a view bird's eye over the hills of the southern foothills of the Monchique mountain range, the Odelouca dam (almost empty) and the coast of the western Algarve, in the background, there will be a viewpoint.

The intervention, whose award has just been made, is part of the work to enhance the entire Alferce Castle hill, where archaeological excavations have been taking place since 2020. It means an investment of close to 30 thousand euros (plus VAT).

In addition to the construction of the viewpoint platform, the work also includes signs referring to the archaeological site, the walkway and the pedestrian connection to the neighboring village of Alferce.

The viewpoint will be another attraction, in addition to the ruins of the millenary castle, the footbridge and suspension bridge of Barranco do Demo, next door, and the Interpretive Center of Cerro do Castelo (CICCA), which is being built in Alferce, and which, in September last year, was awarded for around 395 thousand euros.


In the background is the sea – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação


Paulo Alves, president of the Chamber of Monchique, told the Sul Informação that «this investment in the viewpoint is complementary to the walkway project, the CICCA, our network of routes and the Via Algarviana itself».

Last Monday, Isabel Cordeiro, Secretary of State for Culture, went to Alferce to learn about the archaeological campaign underway on Cerro do Castelo, as well as the Barranco do Demo walkway and the works of the future CICCA.

However, today, September 1st, is the open day at the Castelo de Alferce hill, to make the public, local and beyond, aware of the advances in the archaeological intervention that has been carried out there. In addition to guided tours in the morning, the open day also includes five lectures by the archaeologists who have been working on the excavations, which will take place in the afternoon, in the multipurpose building in the Parish of Alferce.

To learn more about the open day, click here.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação


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