Silves makes a municipal inventory of the municipality’s urban trees

Inventory is a dynamic tool, constantly changing

The municipal inventory of urban trees in the municipality of Silves, which is currently being prepared, was presented this Monday, September 25th, National Sustainability Day.

«Because trees play an important role in promoting the sustainability of the urban environment», the Municipality of Silves is inventorying the entire municipal arboreal heritage of the municipality's urban agglomerations, work that can be consulted and monitored by citizens on institutional website of the Municipality of Silves, clicking here.

The Silva Chamber explains that «the municipal inventory of urban trees is a dynamic, constantly changing tool that identifies and characterizes all existing trees in the municipal public and private space, particularly with regard to the identification of the species, age, diameter (of the crown and trunk), height, phytosanitary status, among others».

Focusing on environmental protection, the municipality says that it “recognizes in this way the importance and fundamental role of green infrastructure for a sustainable environment”.

Established on September 25th, National Sustainability Day, marks the adoption, by the United Nations, of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to which this urban tree inventory project also contributes.