PSP recovers stolen material in the last two years in VRSA

The operation had the collaboration of GNR

This Tuesday, September 26th, the PSP recovered stolen and stolen material in criminal acts that took place in Vila Real de Santo António in the last two years. 

As part of the criminal investigation carried out following a robbery of 8 thousand euros from an elderly man, the PSP carried out a police operation to execute a Search Warrant at the suspect's residence.

Thus, following the search operation, it was possible to recover and seize material on suspicion of theft, as well as identify two men who were in possession of various stolen material.

The material seized includes a firearm, 6.35mm caliber and 45 rounds of 6.35mm ammunition, a firearm, 12mm caliber and 12 12mm cartridges, 10,5 doses of hashish and a cutlery set worth 150 euros.

The operation, carried out by the Vila Real de Santo António PSP Police Station, had the collaboration of the GNR.