New exhibition at Galeria Aderita Artistic Space brings together 4 artists

Admission is free

Marc Musso, Jacques Delpierre, Pedro Cruz and Miguel Duarte are the guest artists at the new Atra Lux exhibition, which will be on display from October 13th to November 18th, at Galeria Aderita Artistic Space, in Vale do lobo.

The opening will be at 17:30 pm.

Art curator Adérita Silva brings four distinct testimonies to this space, in the areas of pop culture, abstract painting, pointillism and sculpture.

Marc Musso (Paris) explores batik Balinese, acrylics and collage, as well as the technique of drip and splash, making noble materials such as rusty metal, cans and numerical photos.

This is an aspect also evident in some of the works of Jacques Delpierre (Belgium). Adopting the pointillism technique, the artist uses powerful images of wild animals to humanize them.

The pieces by sculptor Miguel Duarte (Portimão), another of the invited artists, come from the depths of the earth: various types of natural and semi-precious gems, such as quartz, laborite and citrine, possess great beauty and are viewed holistically with particular healing powers. They can weigh, raw, between 5 and 500 kilos, but, as a rule, they undergo a polishing process in Brazil, their country of origin.

Pedro Cruz (Viseu) will bring his passion for the abstract to this exhibition. This will be the first time that the artist has exhibited in a gallery space. He likes challenges and considers himself an experimentalist, but his preferred materials are watercolor and paper.

Atra Lux will be open to the public until Monday, November 18th (between 14:00 pm and 18:00 pm), and from Tuesday to Saturday (10:00 am – 18:00 pm). Entry is free.