More than 100 teachers share pedagogical practices at the beginning of the school year in Loulé

The meeting took place on September 12th, in the Auditorium of Solar da Música Nova

The “1st Pre-School Meeting, 100st Cycle – Sharing of Pedagogical Practices” marked the beginning of the school year in Loulé with the presence of more than 1 Pre-School educators, XNUMXst Cycle teachers and representatives of the management of school groups in the public education network in this municipality. 

The meeting took place on September 12th, in the Solar da Música Nova Auditorium.

The opening session was attended by the vice-president of the Chamber of Loulé Ana Machado, responsible for Education, and Carla Cardoso Vilhena, assistant professor at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the
University of Algarve and researcher integrated into the “Educational Policies and Organizations and Educational Dynamics” Group of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

The session was moderated by Daiana Ferreira, psychologist and president of the KOKUA Association.

During the meeting, educational practices were presented by the guest panel.

Fátima Aresta, early childhood educator and pedagogical director at the Évora Children's Activity Center, invited participants to reflect on the intelligent and conscious use of resources present in the school and community context to provide learning through experience.

Maria João Dias, educator at Patã Kindergarten, aware of the “nature deficit disturbance”, emphasized in this session the importance of outdoor resources for the development of children’s motor and emotional skills.



Faced with difficulties with a group of unmotivated children, Sónia Pinto, teacher from the 1st Cycle of the Albufeira School Group, considered it important to take risks and challenge students to take an active role, not only in the school community, but also in their learning. .

Finally, Luís Borges, neuropediatrician, who served as director of the Neuropediatric Services at the Hospital Pediátrico de Coimbra, as president of the National Association of Early Intervention and founder of the Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Center of Coimbra, guided the audience to a reflection on respect for difference and the place of people with educational needs, from childhood, in monitoring and inclusion in the school context.

“There is an urgent need to reflect on the concept of inclusion, embrace difference and educate all individuals towards solidarity,” he stated.

«This Meeting provided a space for reflection on new problems and challenges in educational processes, and for sharing educational experiences, projects, ideas for defining the best strategies for the future of Education in the municipality», said municipal officials, praising the success of this initiative.