Portuguese researchers print 3D sea bass fillet for the first time

Project is funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) is part of the “CleanFish – New strategies for the sustainable production of cellular fish” project, a press article was recently published, in this context, about the 3D printing of the first sea bass fillet, produced in the laboratory (through cell culture) in Portugal.

The responsible team belongs to Instituto Superior Técnico/Instituto de Bioengenharia e Biociências (IST-ID/iBB), and is led by researcher Frederico Ferreira.

IPMA is a “Participating Institution” and is represented by Researcher Amparo Gonçalves, co-responsible for the project and team leader at the Institute.

The project began in March 2023 and, over the next three years, it will be up to the IPMA team to characterize the quality of fillets from cell culture, produced by the IST-ID/iBB team, focusing on sensory properties (in particular texture and flavor), nutritional profile, and also on issues of food safety and sustainability of the production process.

The project is funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).