Government approves reduction in toll prices on the A22 and other ex-SCUT by 30%

The decision was taken today at a meeting of the Council of Ministers

The Government will reduce the price of tolls by 30% on several ex-SCUT (Free Tolls for the User), including the A22/Via do Infante, A23 and A24, announced today the Minister of Territorial Cohesion Ana Abrunhosa.

“We will have a 30% reduction compared to current prices on roads such as the A22, the A23, the A24, the A25, the A4, the A13 and the A13-1”, said the official.

The decision was taken today at a meeting of the Council of Ministers, which is still ongoing, and aims to restore “territorial justice” in the interior.

According to the minister, the discounts will come into force in January 2024 and apply to class 1, 2, 3 and 4 vehicles.

This measure represents an annual expenditure for the State of around 72 million euros, added Infrastructure Minister João Galamba.


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