Dinis Faísca replaces Luís Gomes as PSD deputy for the Algarve

Luís Gomes was head of the list for the PSD and was vice-president of the parliamentary bench of the Social Democrats

Dinis Faísca, PSD candidate for the Chamber of Tavira, is the new Algarve PSD deputy, replacing Luís Gomes who requested suspension of his mandate as parliamentarian. 

Last Friday, September 15th, the Assembly of the Republic approved this request for suspension.

Now, from the list of PSD candidates for the Algarve circle, in the last 2022 Legislatures, the next person is Dinis Faísca, who thus becomes a deputy.

Born in Salir (Loulé), Dinis Faísca was a priest for 14 years. He lives in Tavira, being Francisco Amaral's Chief of Staff, at the Castro Marim Chamber, for 10 years.

In a press release, the PSD wishes Dinis Faísca, «as well as the remaining deputies elected by the circle of Faro, the courage and determination to make the desires and needs for investment in health, housing, mobility, education and territorial cohesion resonate in Lisbon».

To Luís Gomes, who was also vice-president of the parliamentary bench of the Social Democrats and was president of the Chamber of Vila Real de Santo António, the PSD/Algarve «wishes you the greatest success in your personal life and thanks you for all your commitment and dedication to party and the region».