Arrested man who pointed gun at PSP agent in Olhão

The man was subject to periodic presentations to the police station at his residence.

A 34-year-old man, who threatened a PSP agent with a compressed air gun, was arrested this Sunday, September 24, in Olhão.

According to the PSP, the man was questioned on the street due to suspicion of theft.

When he was approached, “he took out an apparent firearm that he had hidden in his waistband”, pointing it at the police officer.

The agent had to «use the firearm issued to him, firing a shot into the air, as a means of warning», says the PSP.

The man fled, dropping his weapon and backpack, having been caught up by other police officers involved in the action.

The PSP managed to seize the compressed air gun, as well as a crowbar and the backpack containing several stolen objects, valued at around 9000 euros, which were then “recognized in person by the owner”.

The man was subject to periodic presentations at the residence police station.