Cristóvão Norte wants the Government to rent houses in the Algarve to teachers

The idea is to encourage displaced teachers to accept vacancies in schools in the Algarve region

Cristóvão Norte, president of PSD Algarve, wants the Government to rent vacant houses in the low season, in the Algarve, to make them available to displaced teachers, as a way of mitigating the lack of these professionals in the region.

In the week in which classes are starting again, in the region and in the country, the president of PSD Algarve says that «there are around 10.000 students in the Algarve who will not take classes in all subjects», at the start of the 2023/24 academic year .

«The shortage of teachers, which has worsened year after year, means that hundreds of timetables remain unfilled in the region, in a national phenomenon that is particularly more acute in the Algarve, as this region records twice the national average of students with missing subjects. The scarcity of living in the region, particularly the cost of rent, discourages the teachers who are placed here to fill these hours», he explains.

Remembering that «there are vacant houses in summer areas, between September and July, such as Quarteira, Armação de Pera, Monte Gordo or Praia da Rocha», the president of PSD Algarve thinks that «it will not be difficult for the Government, if necessary together with the local authorities in referencing them, to take over these rents or part of them and resolve this problem».

There is even “a measure, within the scope of More housing, the “Lease to Sublease” Program, which can be adapted to this reality. You can start here now».

«The PSD Algarve understands that the issue of function houses should be considered, and a possible increase in service time for vital public service professions in order to combat the shortages that the region faces», adds the main opposition party.