CHUA promotes suicide prevention campaign

The campaign is promoted worldwide by the International Association for Suicide Prevention

Photos: Nuno Costa | Sul Informação

The Psychiatry Services of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve (Faro and Portimão) are promoting the “September, Suicide Prevention Month” campaign throughout the region.

This initiative “aims to raise awareness among the population about the issue of suicide and promote awareness of the role that each person, local authorities and different community structures can have in preventing suicide and mental illness”, says the organization.

The activities will be carried out mainly by the various Community Mental Health Teams in each municipality in their geographical area, also counting on the participation and involvement of other service technicians.

With a view to getting closer to the population to raise awareness on the topic, and in close coordination with local authorities, entities and institutions in the community, the team behind the campaign has prepared a vast program of initiatives that will take place in several municipalities in the Algarve.

Thus, there will be thematic exhibitions, gatherings and debate sessions, recreational and sporting events, activities in schools, themed cinema sessions, information sessions aimed at the population with distribution of information and broadcast on regional radio stations, as well as lighting of buildings with the color yellow .

The campaign is promoted worldwide by the International Association for Suicide Prevention, with the support, in Portugal, of the National Coordination of Mental Health, the Portuguese Society of Suicidiology, the National Plan for Suicide Prevention and the Local Health Plan ACES Barlavento and Regional Health Coordination.