Lagoa Library promotes chess initiation classes

These classes will take place once a week.

Starting on the 15th of September, the Municipal Library of Lagoa will host the “Introduction to Chess Practice Classes”, which will be facilitated by Leonel Pinto and Gabriels Almanis, from the Lagoa Chess Nucleus.

These classes will take place once a week, every Friday, between 15 pm and 00 pm in the Multipurpose Room.

Chess is considered art, science and game. The objective of the game is simple: to beat the opponent, giving checkmate. In order to achieve this objective, players must, in addition to mastering the basic knowledge of the game, know how to develop a strategy and implement it through development plays and tactical moves.

The complete chess player, not necessarily a master, must be able to start a game, developing his pieces so as not to create serious vulnerabilities on his side, and taking advantage of the vulnerabilities that the opponent may create. He must be able to steer the middlegame towards an endgame that favors him, and he must be able to play endgames according to theory.

The beginner player must first of all know the rules of chess very well. These classes aim to initiate and improve the knowledge of chess for any interested player, regardless of age.

Classes are free and open to everyone who wants to start playing chess or further develop their knowledge of the game.