Reception of Caloiro do Algarve already has a date set

Freshman parade through the streets of Faro set for September 26th

The Algarve Freshman Reception week will take place from the 20th to the 28th of September, announced the Academic Association of the University of the Algarve.

The event starts on the 20th, at the Walls of Faro, which will be the venue for this Freshman Reception.

However, activities will even start two days earlier, on September 18, at Pavilhão da Penha, with the Solemn Ceremony of Reception for New Students.

The week dedicated to freshmen continues until the 28th, with Mega Afternoons of Sports and Fitness (19th and 20th of September), Monumental Opening Serenade of the School Year at Largo do Carmo (20th), Dr. Why quiz night (25th), opening activities at the venue, Mega Parade of Caloiro, followed by Sunset Caloiro and the Miss and Mister Caloiro contest (26), Sapatada and Beast Super Star contest (27), ending the event with the Candle Procession and the Praxe Court, activities carried out in collaboration with MCV.

The Freshman Reception Organizing Committee states that it is «preparing everything to deliver another unforgettable edition of the event».

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