Mariza with Orquestra do Algarve marks the last night of FATACIL

August is the month of Orquestra do Algarve open-air concerts


A concert by Mariza with the Orquestra do Algarve conducted by maestro Martim Sousa Tavares, on the 27th of August, at 22 pm, will close the concert program of another edition of FATACIL, which starts this Friday, in Lagoa.

In this concert, with a carefully selected lineup for the occasion, Mariza combines her sound with that of Orquestra do Algarve.

As usual, she will be accompanied by her trio of Fado musicians, with Luís Guerreiro on Portuguese guitar, Phelipe Ferreira on viola and Adriano Alves “Dinga” on bass, but also by accordionist João Frade and percussionist João Freitas.

But this will not be Orquestra do Algarve's only collaboration with Portuguese musicians from other quarters.




On Sunday, August 20th, at 22h00, at Passeio das Dunas, in Quarteira, Tatanka will join the Algarve team.

Alongside Hugo Danin, on drums, and Rui Pedro Vaz, on bass, the show, with free admission, has the orchestral direction of Élio Anes Leal.

In a month of August full of work, on the 23rd, at 22 pm, the riverside area of ​​Fuseta will host a concert by the Orchestra, with free admission.

Orquestra do Algarve, under the baton of maestro John Avery, wants to «mark your holidays with an exciting sound journey worthy of inhabiting the memory in eternity».

For this reason, stresses OA, «we have prepared a fascinating program that will bring iconic compositions to life, which will transport you to the great moments of the seventh art».


Maestro John Avery – Photo: Patrícia Luz


Meanwhile, the veil is already starting to lift for the September programme, which kicks off on the 9th, in Tavira, with a free admission concert that brings together Camané and Orquestra do Algarve.

Camané looks back on his long career. The fadista covers some of his most iconic works, from the first albums, released in the 90s, to the most recent album, Horas Vazias (2021).

Camané will perform with his usual accomplices José Manuel Neto (Portuguese guitar), Carlos Manuel Proença (fado guitar) and Paulo Paz (double bass). The Orchestra is conducted by maestro Jorge Letria.

Then, on the 15th of September, at the Municipal Auditorium of Lagoa, the Rentrée Concert will take place.

Maestro Pedro Neves returns to Orquestra do Algarve, where he served as principal conductor. This occasion of reunion is the perfect reason to start the season, promoting the listening of one of the most famous scores by Mendelssohn, the opening inspired by the “Hebrides”, the iconic rocky islands in Scotland.



The Hebrides

ANTÓNIO FRAGOSO (1897 - 1918)
Nocturno (Orch. Martim Sousa Tavares)

Symphony #1 in C minor

Pedro Neves, Conductor
Algarve Orchestra

Carlos do Carmo Auditorium
21 p.m.
Tickets: €10 (single price)
Information: T: 282 380 452


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