Fire has new front heading towards Marmelete

There are already more than a thousand operators on the ground

The appearance of a new front, which evolves towards Marmelete, in the municipality of Monchique, is the most recent evolution of the fire that broke out on Saturday in São Teotónio and which is still far from being controlled.

At 17:50 pm today, 1007 operational personnel were fighting the flames, supported by 342 vehicles and 11 air assets.

Speaking to RTP3, Hélder Guerreiro, mayor of Odemira, said that the «situation remains critical» and that «there is still much to worry about».

Today, at 13:00, they were identified by the municipality of Odemira two critical points, corresponding to many other fronts, one to the northwest (Delfeira area) and another to the south (in the municipalities of Aljezur and Monchique), «with an area of ​​interest of around 7.000 hectares, characterized by extensive areas of pine forest, adult eucalyptus and young, cork oaks, arbutus trees and bushes».

To the northwest, said the mayor from Odemir, the great concern is related to the possibility of changes in the wind that cause «risks of reactivation».

As for the displaced, most of the more than 1400 people who were evacuated from houses and tourist resorts have already been able to return.

«This morning people returned to São Miguel and this afternoon they are starting to return to Brejão», said Hélder Guerreiro.

"Between 100 and 150 people are still displaced in our reception center in São Teotónio", added the mayor of Odemira.

Further south, already in Algarve territory, in addition to the critical point that already existed and which forced the evacuation of the town of Foz de Besteiro, in the municipality of Monchique, the new front now appeared, where the flames soon began to be fought by various aerial means.

«The various critical points are accompanied by means. However, the steep slope with embedded valleys, along with the constant reactivations, does not allow for progression and combat on the ground with land means, aggravated by the lack of conditions conducive to progression with crawler machines in the consolidation process», explained the Chamber of Deputies Odemira, in the situation you made this afternoon.

Until 12:30 pm, “35 people were assisted by INEM, mostly civil protection agents, 7 of whom were transported to the hospital (4 firefighters and 3 people)”.

Road traffic was re-established on National Road 120, between São Teotónio and the southern limit of the county. Circulation on Municipal Road 501 (access to Relva Grande) and on Municipal Path 1186 (between São Miguel and Vale dos Alhos) remains prohibited.



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