GPS helped detain man who stole vehicle from Albufeira City Hall

Authorities and the Chamber collaborated and managed to intercept the man, in the city of Olhão

A 21-year-old man who stole a vehicle from the Albufeira Council yesterday, August 9, was arrested in Olhão, thanks to the vehicle's GPS system, which allowed the authorities to know, in real time, where the stolen car was driving.

This arrest was made by the PSP, in collaboration with the National Republican Guard and with the help of the Albufeira Chamber.

After the theft, the authorities and the municipality were able to «understand that the stolen vehicle was circulating in the city of Olhão».

"In this way, a police device was set up to intercept the vehicle and the suspect, taking advantage of the vehicle's own GPS tracking system", revealed the PSP.

The arrest was made "through a concerted effort, with real-time updates".

Inside the stolen vehicle were tools and machinery, worth approximately 11 thousand euros, owned by the municipality, which was recovered.

The detainee was notified to appear before the Public Ministry on 10 August.