Students from Universidade Nova de Lisboa participate in archaeological excavations in Silves

There will also be students from the University of Algarve

12 students from the Archeology degree at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at Universidade Nova de Lisboa are participating, for two weeks, in archaeological excavations in Silves.

The students are part of the City Council's Archeology team, which is carrying out archaeological excavation work in the Islamic Couraça de Silves, an important and imposing structure that supplies water to the city, until recently only known through reports from historical sources.

With this intervention, another part of the city's history is revealed, with an important contribution from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, which chose Silves to carry out this field of work.

Students will have the opportunity to develop the practical component that integrates the curricular contents of the degree in archeology, preparing them for the complexity of excavation methodologies in urban contexts.

The Municipality of Silves maintains collaboration protocols in the field of archeology with various university teaching establishments, with the presence, in this field of work, of 8 students of the degree in Heritage and Archeology of the University of the Algarve being foreseen, who will remain between 28 August and September 2nd.