Church of S. Paulo shows “Enchanted Chimneys”

The exhibition has some of the works of Avantino Moreira

An exhibition that shows the richness of traditional Algarve chimneys, is open to the public at the Church of S. Paulo, in Tavira.

The show, which is called “Enchanted Chimneys”, features some of the works of Avantino Moreira, an amateur photographer who fell in love with this traditional architectural element of the region.

His relationship with this theme began in 1976, when he was «invited to work in Portimão» and left «for this region where he had never been, winding around the curves of Barranco do Velho», he recalls, remembering that he was «realizing of the immense differences between Lisbon, the Alentejo and the Algarve».

Avantino recalls, with emotion, that his «eyes turned upwards, in search of the mysterious, towering and beautiful chimneys of the Algarve». He immediately considered them special: «they were beautiful, of varied appearance and format, some more lacy than others, some of enormous proportions and the rest much more humble, but all of them wanting to resemble the minarets of mosques in Muslim countries».

The exhibition, organized by ARTgilão Tavira, can be seen in the high choir of the Igreja de S. Paulo, located in the center of Tavira.