DGArtes: Competition for areas of low cultural density open until July 28

The ad was published today in Diário da República

The application deadline for the Art and Territorial Cohesion competition, of the Partnership Support Program of the Directorate-General for Arts (DGArtes), aimed at territories with low cultural density, opened today and ends on the 28th of July.

The announcement, signed by the General Director of Arts Américo Rodrigues, was published today in Diário da República.

The Art and Territorial Cohesion competition, whose overall allocation is one million euros, «assumes in its methodological strategy the proposal to carry out projects in territories with a lower density of professional artistic activity», which translates into 76 municipalities located in 19 of the nuclei of territorial or administrative units (NUTS III), «with the exception of Área Metropolitana de Lisboa».

According to the list available at the Balcão das Artes of this organization, which explains «dimensions, indicators and criteria for classifying territories with a lower density of professional artistic activity», municipalities in the Alentejo Litoral and in Lezíria do Tejo, in the West regions, are also excluded. and Aveiro and in the Porto Metropolitan Area.

On the other hand, 84,2% of Douro municipalities, 66,7% of Beira Baixa and Trás-os-Montes (same in both), which have the highest values ​​in the mainland, are eligible. In total, when broken down by region, 38,4% of the municipalities in the North, 20% in the Centre, 17,3% in the Alentejo, 6,3% in the Algarve, 52,6% in the Azores and 18,2% in the Wood.

«Projects in the areas of visual arts (architecture, plastic arts, design, photography and new media), performing arts (circus, dance, music, opera and theatre), street arts and disciplinary crossing, which predominantly fall under in the field of creation, programming and strategic mediation actions», according to information published on the DGArtes website.

Projects must have a "minimum duration of 18 months and a maximum of 24 months, be carried out between November 6th of this year and November 6th, 2025", and must "must provide for a face-to-face and public action or activity in each one of the years of implementation», which can be complemented in digital media.

"Not eligible" for this competition are beneficiary entities "of continued funding, guaranteed by the budget program in the area of ​​Culture", such as sustained support from DGArtes and support for the programming of the Portuguese Theaters and Cinemas Network.

The «main distinguishing factors of this Program», according to DGArtes, lie in the «participation and active involvement of local communities, structures, artists and artistic-cultural agents, in the design and creation of projects», and in the «creation of continuity mechanisms» , after the end of the support period.

DGArtes also highlights the possibility of «increasing the execution period up to a maximum of two years, in order to allow a significant development of the projects and the training of those involved in the construction of solid and sustainable networks in the relationship with the territories».

This competition, explains DGArtes, is the result of an agreement with ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, through the Portuguese Observatory of Cultural Activities (OPAC).

The partnership with the OPAC, in the context of which the «Study on the Artistic and Cultural Sector in Portugal» was drawn up, contracted at the end of 2020, seeks to «materialize greater attention to the territory [...], as an engine of correction of asymmetries and imbalances in the cultural and artistic offer in the country».

The Art and Territorial Cohesion competition was included in this year's DGArtes annual declaration, and the opening date was announced by the Minister of Culture Pedro Adão e Silva during last Wednesday's parliamentary hearing.

The elements of the competition, including the list of all eligible municipalities, are available at Balcão das Artes, on the DGArtes website.