Street Scenes launch another summer full of culture in Tavira

Event marks the start of the cultural program “Summer in Tavira”

Praça da República, in the historic center of Tavira, will be enlivened by another International Festival of Theater and Arts in Rua de Tavira – Cenas na Rua, starting today, July 5th, at 22 pm, and until the 00th.

This event marks the start of the cultural program "Summer in Tavira", which aims to "ensure cultural enjoyment, publicize different disciplines and artistic genres, poetry, comedy, cinema, music, theatre, new circus, juggling, dance, as well as giving know and allow a new reading about the city of Tavira».


Street Scenes Programming:

July 5

“Migrare” – Cia. Maduixa (Spain)
Republic square

Four women and an empty space. Empty, but mined with obstacles and invisible borders, irrational hatreds, prejudices. They had to leave their country of origin and now the country of arrival rejects them. Space has become non-space. They transit it in search of their place. A place where they can live, stay, put down roots, where they can be, a place they can call “home”. That's all they ask. And they will fight to get it.
This show is your fight. The struggle of four strong, courageous and, above all, resilient women.

Poetry in motion | M/6 | 40'


July 6

“Banan'O'Rama” – Mr. Banana (Canada)
Republic square

“Mr. Banana Show” is a unique show that, through physical theater and mime, conveys a message that can be understood around the world. It is a show that goes beyond language barriers.

The climax of this show is the balance numbers. The artist plays with the spectators, as well as with the different colors of his act.

Interactive Comedy Show | M/6 | 55'


July 7

“Bye Bye, Confetti” – La Baldufa (Spain)
Gallery Palace Park

Three clowns mourn the death of their leader, Confetti: the absence of the father who guided them is notorious. The void he left seems absolute; the lack of leadership bothers them, oppresses them, mortifies them: what desolation!

Someone is going to have to replace him! Once the duel is over, the race begins to find a new guide.

“Bye bye, Confetti” is an extravagant and authentic clown show, in which half measures have no place. Humor and love, in equal parts. But, above all, surprise and stupefaction, in a space where audience and actors breathe the same emotions.

Theatrical clown show | M/8 | 55'


July 8

“O Homem da Camera de Filmar” by Dziga Vertov – with Stereossauro – Salão Piolho – INATEL
Cloister of the Carmo Convent

1929 | USSR | 66 min. |With: Mikhail Kaufman | Documentary | Subtitled in Portuguese

“The Man with the Movie Camera” is an authentic manifesto by Dziga Vertov, the most radical and futuristic director of the Soviet avant-garde of the 20s.

Stereossauro recently edited the album “Tristana” with the singer Ana Magalhães, where he explores her unique identity, the mixture of electronics with fado and Portuguese guitar, a sound that she has been exploring throughout her various works. He accepted the invitation from Fundação Inatel / Salão Piolho to perform live music for the film “O Homem da Câmara de Filmar”.

Movie set to music | M/12 | 66'


July 9

“The Bear and Two Others” by Anton Chekhov ” – Ao Luar Teatro (Portugal)
Alto de Sao Bras

A widow, a creditor and a love plot that reveals human susceptibility give life to a sharp social critique. It is a comedy of manners that plays with the war of the sexes, at the same time that it exposes the ills of a society governed by a fragile and repressive morality.

Comédia dell´ Arte | M/12 | 60'


July 10

“The City and the Mountains, it’s not Eça” – Teatro Regional da Serra de Montemuro (Portugal)
Old Auction

Terras de Sol Posto is a village in the middle of the mountains, where Idalécio and Amândio are the only inhabitants. They take care of the sheep, in reality it is just one, as the others have gone to the city in search of a better life. Amândio owns a car repair shop and runs a local radio station, the only connection to villages buried in the valley and where cell phone and television signals do not reach.

One day, people interested in the development of the town and the riches of the region begin to arrive at Terras de Sol Posto, finally the media arrives to echo the successes of Terras de Sol Posto and the bright future that awaits them.

Street theater | M/6 | 50'


July 11

“Los Viajes de Bowa” – La Gata Japonesa (Spain)
Old Auction

Bowa, nomad, orphan of roots and dreams, one day found a bottle by the sea. Inside she found a message and something led her to a search for its recipient.

The show goes through different emotional states of the character that are supported by a multidisciplinary circus language: magic, which appears accidentally, reinforcing the peculiarity of that space.

Development of an investigation about the bottles: manipulation, balance and demystification of the object, making it a character, scenery or mere support element. Aerial acrobatics, humor and poetry as transversal elements.

New circus | M/6 | 47'


July 12

“Poi” – Cia. D'es Tro (Spain)
Old Auction

“Poi” is the story of a country man trapped since childhood by the gyroscopic effect of his spinning top. A journey of twists and turns that transports us to the game, one of the most important states of life.

Merging circus arts with the popular top game and the roots of Mediterranean culture is the main objective of this contemporary show.

The spinning top is a magical and ancient game. This toy, on the verge of extinction, is capable of stopping time, as the simple fact of observing the rotation of the element allows us to isolate ourselves from the speed that governs our daily lives.

New circus | M/6 | 50'


July 13

RUGE (Portugal)
Republic square

RUGE is the most recent project by Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho with Daniela Onís and Ruben Alves. A meeting of poetry and music at the crossroads between the written, sung and spoken word. RUGE is a show about love and everything around it. It's about passion and revolt. It was born from the passion for words that came together in sentences. Then they grew and became an urgency to be said and heard. There are dramas and outbursts, and laughter barely hidden in the ironies. Unafraid to show emotions, ROAR is a narrative of poems and songs about all of us. It's a show about love and everything around it. It's about passion and revolt.

Poetry and music | M/6 | 50'


July 14

“Smashed” – Gandini Juggling (UK)
Republic square

In “Smashed”, the manipulation of forbidden fruit takes a shrewd look at the tense relationships between seven men and two women, using traditional juggling and contemporary circus.

This show involves nine skilled jugglers, 100 red apples and a soundtrack featuring popular songs ranging from Tammy Wynette to Music Hall to Bach. A series of nostalgic filmic scenes explore conflict, strained relationships, lost love and afternoon tea.

Inspired by the work of the great choreographer Pina Bausch, this show combines elements of gestural choreography with solo and ensemble juggling.

Juggling and contemporary circus | M/3 | 30'


July 15

“Hashtag#Free” by Daniel Cardoso – Quorum Ballet (Portugal)
Republic square

A stage, eight dancers and a choreographer.

Without predefined ideas, without pretensions to follow artistic currents or styles, we forget all inhibitions, deny control and leave everything behind. In the present, the body is filled with feelings, the music, the rhythm, the movement that lives in a space where the simple is routine and the spontaneous is real.

It is intended to explore and interpret timeless values ​​such as human rights, feelings of fraternity, peace and respect for difference that served as stimuli for the construction of this piece.
Contemporary Dance| M/6 | 50'


July 16

“Poetry in the Garden” – Armação do Artista (Portugal)
garden of san francisco

It is a poetic performance of an intimate nature, interpreted by the actor Vítor Correia, involved in a special musical sound, by the musician and composer Luís Conceição on the piano.

With a collection of poets of international importance.

In a videographic atmosphere created by Miguel Andrade.

With Scenography by Miguel Martinho.

Music and Poetry | M/6 | 50'