Injured firefighter and reinforced means in fighting the Almodôvar fire

Flames are being fought by 12 air means

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A firefighter was injured after being hit by a discharge of water from an aerial medium during the combat to the fire that has been raging since the beginning of the afternoon on both sides of the A2 motorway, next to Monte dos Medronhais (Almodôvar).

In an interview with RTP, José Ricardo Horta, second sub-regional commander of Baixo Alentejo, revealed that the fire is not threatening houses or causing civilian casualties, although a firefighter has been transported to the Hospital of Beja, with injuries, «to which everything indicates, slight», for having been hit with a water discharge.

Like the reporter of Sul Informação found at the scene, the fire started in a car on the A2 motorway that caught fire and spread the flames to the bush, on both sides of the road.

The car was completely charred, heading towards Algarve-Lisbon.

The means on site have already been reinforced and there are 12 aerial means to fight this fire. On the ground, there are still, according to the Civil Protection website, 254 operators, supported by 73 vehicles.

At the moment, the A2 is cut between the Messines and Almodôvar junctions, with the alternative, both for those traveling north and those heading south, being the IC1 and the EN2.


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