Vítor Couto is the new President of the Portimão PSD Council

No blank or null votes were registered

Vitor Couto, graduated in Management from the University of Algarve, is the new president of the new Political Commission of the PSP section in Portimão, succeeding Carlos Gouveia Martins.

Last Saturday's municipal elections also elected Ana Carla Abreu and Natalino Alves as vice-presidents of the board, while Jorge Rodrigues chairs the Board of the Section Assembly.

The PSD of Portimão stresses, in a press release, that «the election, which had the participation of the majority of its militants, resulted in a unanimous vote in favor of the new leadership, with no blank or null vote having been registered, reflecting the cohesion and unity that prevails among the Portimonian social democrats, a sign that the party is aligned around common objectives and determined to work towards the development of Portimão and the well-being of its citizens».

He adds that he sees this “unanimous election of his new Political Commission as an opportunity to strengthen ties with civil society, actively engaging with the challenges and needs of the local population”.

O Sul Informação found that the former president Carlos Gouveia Martins was the first subscriber to the suffrage list.


Political Committee of the PSD/Portimão Section:
President: Vitor Couto
Vice-Presidents: Ana Carla Abreu, Natalino Alves
Secretary: Ricardo Viana
Treasurer: Diamantina Barnabé
Members: Alexandra Evangelista, Carlos Bicheiro, Bruno Candeias, Ricardo Oliveira, Raquel Bernardino, Hugo Carrajola Teixeira, José Duarte, Eduardo Gonçalves
Substitutes: Inês Rosado, Patrícia Aurélio

Board of the Section Assembly:
President: Jorge Rodriguez
Vice President: Elisa Silvestre
Secretary: Filipa Mimoso